We have locations across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee.


Where are your stores located?

We have locations throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee. Check out our locations to find one near you!

What are your store hours?

Our Dirt Cheap stores hours vary from store to store, check out our locations to find information on a store near you.

What is the benefit of shopping at Dirt Cheap?

With locations across eight states, Dirt Cheap is a bargain hunter’s paradise. We offer leading private label and name-brand merchandise for as much as 40-90% off regular retail prices. With discounts like that, why would anyone pay full price? Whether you’re a price-conscious shopper or simply love the thrill of finding great bargains, our amazing deals on leading private label and name-brand merchandise will keep you coming back for more. We purchase our merchandise from retailers all over the country, so we may carry items that you would not usually find in your region. Our merchandise changes weekly, and sometimes daily, so it pays to stop in often!

How is Dirt Cheap considered sustainable?

Dirt Cheap saves millions of items from landfills each year. You can feel good knowing that what you buy from Dirt Cheap was saved from such a fate.

What is the difference between Dirt Cheap and other retailers?

Most retailers have an established set of vendors and distributors who they purchase goods from at a wholesale price. Dirt Cheap is a retailer in the secondary market, which means that we purchase goods from traditional retailers who have had a hard time selling those items through normal channels of distribution due to errors in purchasing, increased competition, or down economies. The variety of merchandise we purchase creates a unique shopping experience.

How can you sell your merchandise so cheaply?

Our business model allows us to not only form relationships with major retailers but also provide a valuable service by removing their problem inventories. By providing this service to them we are able to obtain merchandise for much less than the original retail cost, which in turn allows us to pass the savings on to you.

How do Dirt Cheap buyers find merchandise for the stores to sell?

Our buyers travel the country purchasing merchandise from liquidations, customer returns, overstocks, out-of-season goods, bankruptcies, and closeouts from manufacturers, distributors, and other retailers.

Is all of the merchandise in Dirt Cheap damaged?

No. Some items may be damaged while others are in perfect condition.

Do all locations have the same merchandise?

Our merchandise supply is somewhat unpredictable; therefore not all locations will not receive the same assortment of merchandise. For this reason, it pays to check out as many of our locations as possible.

How can I find out what kind of merchandise is currently on sale?

By signing up for our email alerts you will be registered to receive updates on new inventory and markdowns the day before they begin. You can also customize your email alert registration to receive alerts from stores of your choice. Sign up for Dirt Cheap email alerts now!

How often do your stores receive new merchandise?

Each store’s inventory changes on a daily basis, with new merchandise arriving weekly.

Do your stores offer a senior citizen discount?

Yes, we offer a Senior Citizen Discount every Tuesday. Senior citizens age 60 and older receive 10% off our already low prices.

Do your stores offer a military discount?

Yes, we offer a Military Discount every Monday. Active, reserve, and retired military members, dependents, and veterans with proper ID or proof of service receive 10% off our already low prices.

Does Dirt Cheap sell merchandise online?

Unfortunately, we are not able to sell merchandise online because of the unpredictable supply of our merchandise. Our inventory changes rapidly, therefore it is not practical for us to sell merchandise online.

What is the Dirt Cheap return policy?

All sales are final at Dirt Cheap. We offer a “testing table” in each store equipped with outlets for testing electronics before you purchase.

Does Dirt Cheap offer gift cards?

No, we do not offer gift cards at this time.

How can I apply for a job at a Dirt Cheap store or at one of the Distribution Centers?

You may apply online or at any of our Dirt Cheap locations.

Can I buy a Dirt Cheap franchise?

All Dirt Cheap stores are company-owned. We do not sell franchises.

Can I buy stock in Dirt Cheap?

Dirt Cheap is not a publicly-traded company.

What is salvage?

Salvage merchandise mostly consists of retail merchandise that has been claimed by an insurance company due to some form of natural disaster, whether it be fire, flood, or another form of damage to the store. We then buy the merchandise and resell it in our stores. Salvaged goods can also be considered liquidations, closeouts, business closings or overstocks.

Doesn't salvage mean that it's just junk?

In the retail industry salvage can have various definitions, but most of the time it is defined by anything that has value left in a secondary market. Originating with the term salvage value – an accounting term – “salvage” can mean brand new, still in the box and surplus stocks or it can be an insurance claim. If it’s unsellable in the beginning we simply dispose of it and move on.

How is Dirt Cheap different from a thrift store?

Although we do purchase customer returns, our merchandise is purchased directly from other retailers or manufacturers. We do not purchase merchandise from individuals.