Dirt Cheap Deal Finder, Rewards & eAlerts​
Dirt Cheap is an extreme value retailer giving major brand customer returns and excess inventory a second chance.

Dirt Cheap Deal Finder, Rewards & eAlerts

What is the Dirt Cheap Deal Finder, Loyalty Rewards, and eAlerts?

Dirt Cheap Deal Finder allows you to select your store and scan in-store QR codes to find the discount/price. Dirt Cheap Rewards allows you to track your purchase progress and for every $100 you spend you get a 10% off reward code. eAlerts are store-specific or chain-wide email deals based on your customized preferences and store.


We Love Subscribers!

Each month we randomly draw three new signups from the previous month for a chance to win a gift certificate or Dirt Cheap swag! Also we randomly draw each month from our active existing subscribers for great prizes! Winners will be contacted via member profile information.


Loyalty Rewards Information & Rules


Joining the Rewards Program:

You can join our loyalty rewards program by signing up on the Deal Finder website! Find the sign-up button on iLoveDirtCheap.com. Or go to https://dealfinder.ilovedirtcheap.com/signup


Earning Rewards:

Have a cashier scan your profile ID code in Deal Finder for every purchase. Every $100 spent earns you a 10% off code. Your spending details are updated 3AM US CST. Follow your progress on your profile page with our progress tracking bar below your profile ID. You’ll never lose your current progress within the same fiscal year (ending December 31st), but reward statuses do reset at the year’s end. After each daily update, your rewards will be visible on your Deal Finder profile. There’s no minimum spend required to redeem rewards, which are valid across all our Dirt Cheap stores.


Rewards Allocation:

Once you spend $100 you’ll receive your reward one week from that day. You will get an email with a discount reward and the reward will appear on your profile page.


Reward Redemption:

The discount for your purchase is calculated based on the actual dollar amount spent, not the total price of the transaction. Only one reward code can be redeemed per transaction. Once used, the reward code will be deactivated (~2 min ETA) and removed from your profile. Flooring is excluded.


Reward Expiration:

Reward codes, unless used, expire 90 days from allocation. After expiration, they are removed from your profile. Please see the expiration date below each reward code.


Email Notifications:

Emails will keep you updated about your rewards, including allocation, redemption, and a reminder 15 days prior to the reward’s expiration.

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