Why is the Davis Highway Dirt Cheap closed every Monday and Tuesday this March?

Because we need time to prepare for weekly Lux Launches! We have so much major luxury department store product that we need two days to get ready.

every Wednesday

in March FIND brands like Free People, Madewell, Veja, and more, with more deals being added throughout the week.

Doors open at 9AM every Wednesday.¬†Don’t be late!

The best will go





Valued Customers:

  In order to provide a great shopping experience for everyone we ask that all shoppers follow these rules while in our Luxury items area:
  • No shopping carts¬†in the Luxury items area.
You are limited to what you can carry in your arms. You may purchase those items and return to the section for more if you wish.
  • No hoarding or “sweeping” of merchandise.
You cannot grab every shoe in a certain size, or grab a large amount of product and carry it away to decide which items you will purchase.
  • Aggressive and Rude behavior will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the store if this behavior is witnessed.¬†
We reserve the right to make final pricing decisions on items that are unpriced or mispriced.