Attention wholesalers, retailers, and auction site sellers!

We are opening our Hattiesburg warehouse for an incredible event!

you can get full pallets of name-brand clothing valued up to $10,000 for as low as $400!


Do I need a business license to purchase?

No, but if you do supply your paperwork as a wholesaler before/at purchase you will not have to pay sales tax.

Is there a minimum number of pallets you need to buy?


What forms of payments do you accept?

Cash or credit card. (Wire instructions are available.)

Do I need an appointment or is it first come first serve?

First come, first serve.

What brands are included?

We cannot answer this due to branding restrictions.

What makes up a pallet?

Most of the merchandise is apparel.

Contact email for additional info:

Be sure to bring your truck or trailer! Product will only be sold by the pallet!

*For safety reasons, no one under 18 years old is allowed in the warehouse.