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View Stores:

Select “View Stores” to view a store directory. You can click on the store address to get directions to the store. You can click on the store phone number to call. If the store you are viewing has alerts, you can click on the alert title to read more details.

To price check an item, you must select a store using the following instructions. First, select a state. You will then see stores listed by region. Then, select a store. Scroll down below store address and phone number. Click “Make this my current store.” To change your store, simply click on “View Stores” again. You can also press the orange square at the top of the state list to use geolocating to find and select your current location.

Price Check:

To check a price, first select a store using the instructions listed under “View Stores” in this guide. Then, select “Price Check” from the navigational menu. Click the large orange square to scan the QR code and view the discounted price. Locate the QR code in the scan box. The scanner will automatically read the QR code. Click the flashlight button to enable your flashlight if needed. If you cannot find a QR code on an item, click “Cancel Scan.” Some items with QR codes may provide a selected discount, but need a retail price from the item to be entered.

For items without QR codes or with damaged QR codes, select “Price Check” and then click “Use Discount Calculator.” Enter the price found on our sticker. Select the applicable discount.

If you qualify for military or senior citizen discounts on Monday and Tuesday, and select these within options, your prices on discount days will reflect the applied discount.

My Alerts:

Customize the “My Alerts” section by entering your email address and mobile number when prompted, or by entering it under the ‘Options’ tab. If you currently subscribe to Dirt Cheap and/or Treasure Hunt email and text message alerts, your alerts will be automatically customized after entering your information.  If you are not already subscribed to our alerts, you can subscribe when prompted for your email and/or mobile number, or you can add your information under the “Options” tab.

To customize your alerts, select “Manage Subscription” in the “My Alerts” tab (after providing an email address and/or phone number). By selecting preferences, you will be subscribed to email or text alerts, depending on your selections.

To read more details on an alert, click on the alert. Click “Share the deal with others,” to tell others about the deal.


If you qualify for our Military Monday or Senior Citizen Tuesday discount, you can select this discount to display on respective days under the “Options” tab on the navigational menu.

If you would like to edit the email address or phone number that is currently logged in to view alerts, you can change this here.