How to Shop Dirt Cheap

How Dirt Cheap works...

Stores get "launches" of new, fresh deals during the week, not the weekend, that start at 40% - 50% off retail prices. On occasion, we will get major special buys or salvage liquidation and sell these through specific stores - make sure to sign up for eAlerts to stay in the know! 

How it's a "treasure hunt"...

Dirt Cheap stores are truly a treasure hunt. You never know what you find. People call it their “happy place” because of the fun they have digging for deals of a lifetime! We can’t tell you what’s in every store and we can’t guarantee what is there today will be in-store tomorrow, so visit often, have fun, and make sure you get the deal before your neighbor does!   

Tips and Tricks for shopping Dirt Cheap

  • Sign up for eAlerts to see what’s in your local store.
  • Shop our convenient hours during the week so you can get in before anyone else.
  • Use our Deal Finder web app on your phone to find prices on items in your local store. 
  • Follow us on social media for tips, tricks, and awesome examples of deals from our customers!